4 Reasons for Road Cyclists to Try a Mountain Bike

4 Reasons for Road Cyclists to Try a Mountain Bike

If you are a seasoned road cyclist, you have probably found a routine that works for you. Your skills are probably continuing to improve, and you have found a way to change up routes and add new challenges now and then. Yet mountain biking is a completely different animal. For a real change that can shake up your routine, consider taking out a mountain bike for a spin. Here are four reasons why:

Better Bike Handling

Mountain biking consists of a series of technical challenges that can arise with little warning as you make you way across ever-changing terrain. The bike handling skills that you will learn from mountain biking can help you take better control of unexpected situations that could arise during road cycling, from a high-speed descent to navigating around a pileup directly ahead.

Explosive Power

Mountain biking also helps you build explosive power. Rapid changes of speed are simply a requirement of the trail, and the ability to power across the next obstacle can translate into an increased ability to overtake and pass, or put on an extra burst of speed near the finish line, when road cycling.


Humans are drawn to novel experiences, and mountain biking could be just what you need to break up the monotony of frequent road cycling. Heading out to the mountains gets you off the beaten path, the technical trails force you to pay attention, and the sheer exhilaration of making your way through multiple obstacles can leave you refreshed and reenergized when you return to the road.

Connecting with Nature

Road cycling, by nature, means that you are sharing roadways with cars, trucks, and buses. Even if you choose scenic roads that wind through interesting countryside, you are likely to see more vehicles than animals. Mountain biking lets you get lost in the trees, breathe the fresh air, and encounter small animals along the way.

Mountain biking is a related but very different sport than road cycling. As such, it presents an incredible new experience that can shake up your routine while providing some excellent new skills to take back to road cycling. If you have ever thought about giving mountain biking a try, why not grab a few friends and head out for an adventure you will never forget?

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