Biking in Boulder: 5 Reasons to Go Mountain Biking in Colorado

Biking in Boulder: 5 Reasons to Go Mountain Biking in Colorado

Mountain biking is an incredible and fun way to get or stay in shape, travel from place to place, and take in all the beauty of the outdoors. Mountain biking might seem intimidating at first, but it’s easy to learn. Once you’ve picked up the basics, you can get out on some beginner terrain to build your comfort level. From there, the world is your playground.

Colorado is one of the best places for mountain biking in the country. Beginners and experts will all find terrain they can play on in the Colorado wilderness. 

Read on to discover all the amazing benefits of mountain biking in Colorado.

1. There’s a Huge Mountain Biking Community

Colorado is a wonderland for outdoorsy types. The Rocky Mountains are the perfect landscape for all types of outdoor adventures, especially mountain biking. Because Colorado has so much to offer lovers of outdoor sports, there’s a huge community of outdoor adventurers. 

The mountain biking community in Colorado is huge, welcoming, and supportive. There are dozens of mountain biking clubs that host meetups and open events on a regular basis. Most of these clubs are more than happy to help a newbie get started. 

Having so many mountain bikers in one place also means that there are frequent group rides. These organized adventures involve groups of bikers grouped by ability and speed who tackle the trails together.

These group rides are perfect for people just starting their mountain biking journey because you’re surrounded by bikers who can help you out. And there’s no pressure to keep up with the experts.

Mountain biking tours are also an excellent way to experience mountain biking in Colorado. These tours provide you will an expert guide who’s intimately familiar with the technical aspects of mountain biking and the terrain. You can learn everything you need to know and explore amazing terrain all at the same time.

These tours aren’t just for beginners either. You can sign up for a mountain biking tour that caters to any level of ability. So, this is also a great way to explore some more difficult terrain.

No matter how you choose to explore mountain biking in Colorado, you’ll find plenty of fun, supportive people, ready to help you have an excellent time.

2. Terrain for All Levels 

Colorado has an incredible variety of terrain for biking enthusiasts. You can bike on paved beginners trails or fly down a mountain with all the bumps and jumps you want. Even in the mountains, you can find trails that are perfectly suitable for beginners and trails that challenge the most proficient experts.

That’s one reason why Colorado is the perfect place for everyone in your group to mountain bike. At the same destination, you can ride on easy trails and difficult trails. It’s easy to progressively increase the difficulty of the ride because pretty much every mountain biking destination offers every level of terrain. 

Because mountain biking is so popular in Colorado, all the trails are very well-maintained. You don’t have to worry about trails being cut off by obstructions or washed out from the latest storm because the trails are meticulously maintained by the staff at the destination or the mountain biking community in the area. This makes it both easier and safer for new mountain bikers to try out the terrain.

No matter what kind of ride you’re looking for, you can find it in the Boulder area.  

3. Plenty of City to City Trails 

Outdoor adventurers who would rather explore on a bike than in a car will be delighted to discover the city to city trails in Colorado. Usually biking from one city or town to another involves a fair amount of road biking, which mountain bikers might not love. But in Colorado, there are tons of mountain biking trails specifically designed to get you from here to there. 

These trails allow bikers to travel from one major destination to another through the wilderness rather than through the urban environment. Depending on how much mileage you can handle in a day, you can start the morning in a hotel in one major city and end the day in another, miles away.

If camping is more your style, Colorado’s city to city trails provide the perfect opportunity to try bikepacking. Pack all your camping gear into a backpack and some saddlebags, then head straight into the wilderness. Many of the mountain biking trails follow popular long-distance hiking trails, so you’ll find campsites along the way. Or you can set up camp anywhere along the trail as long as you’re familiar with backcountry camping etiquette

4. Ski Resorts Focus on Mountain Biking in the Off-Season

Colorado is one of the best ski and snowboard destinations that the US has to offer. The dozens of incredible ski resorts all over the state meticulously maintain ski and snowboard trails that any winter sports enthusiast will love.

But what happens to those trails when they’re not covered with snow? Many winter sports resorts have started maintaining these trails as mountain biking trails in the off-season. So, you can fly down the same trails you love when they’re covered in snow on a bike. 

One extra perk of riding on ski resort trails is that you can take advantage of the lift system. Instead of having to ride up the difficult mountain terrain, you and your bike can get a lift up and enjoy the best part of riding – the ride down.  

5. Stunning Views 

Colorado has some of the most diverse terrains in the country. The Rocky Mountains rise high into the clouds, offering views for miles around. There are sparse deserts spotted with plateaus, rocky canyons, and flat expanses that stretch for miles. Wherever you go in Colorado, there’s always a stunning view to take in.

Mountain biking offers a fun and challenging way to explore all the different landscapes that Colorado has to offer. You can easily bike through the flat expanses and see the towering mountains in the distance. You can climb to incredible heights and peer down from rocky cliffs. You can plunge into deep canyons and rest by roaring rivers.

If you’re looking to see everything nature has to offer, mountain biking through the Colorado wilderness is the perfect trip for you to tackle.

Enjoy All The Benefits of Mountain Biking in Colorado 

There are too many benefits of mountain biking in Colorado to list them all here. These are just a few reasons why mountain biking in Colorado is an experience you shouldn’t miss. 

If you’re ready to try a mountain biking adventure, get in touch with us so we can help you plan your perfect ride. 


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