Bring These Essentials When You’re Ready to Tour Colorado on a Bike

Bring These Essentials When You’re Ready to Tour Colorado on a Bike

Are you looking to go on your first-ever bike tour later this year? There’s no better way to experience Boulder Colorado than through a biking tour in Colorado. 

Bicycling is part of Colorado’s identity. Bicycle tourism brings millions of visitors to the state which means millions of dollars are being spent annually on bicycle-related purchases and services.

Given the mountainous nature of Colorado and the breathtaking views that come with it, this is easily one of the favorite destinations among bikers.

But before you decide to tour Colorado on a bicycle, you must equip yourself with the proper biking gear. But which items do you need to invest in? What essential items should you bring to your trip to Colorado?

Continue reading below for a list of what to bring and what to wear on a bike ride in Colorado.

1. Biking Shorts

Whether it’s a bike-to-farm tour or a multi-day tour you are signing up for, you need to wear proper clothing. And the first thing you need to invest in is a good pair of biking shorts. 

Take note that this is different from your regular street shorts. Bike shorts are highly stretchable. This means your legs will enjoy more freedom as you pedal.

Moreover, bike shorts come with a padded crotch liner. This protects against moisture and friction.

2. Quality Jersey

You also need to invest in a bike jersey. A good jersey should allow your body to breathe. It should also keep you warm as you go up the terrains of Colorado.

Choose a jersey that features spandex material. Spandex reduces dragging and also wicks away sweat. Moreover, find a jersey that comes with a stand-up collar.

This will protect your neck against the sun’s scorching heat during summer. Also, go for a jersey with a front zipper. This allows for more ventilation.

3. Athletic Shorts

Apart from your biking shorts, you also need athletic shorts. After wearing your bike shorts, put on a pair of athletic shorts on top. This will give you a more natural look.

Moreover, you will have an extra pair of shorts in case you decide to go swimming or hiking after.

4. Jacket

As most bike rides will leave you feeling cold, you must bring a durable cycling jacket to keep you warm. This is the only piece of clothing that will keep you warm during the ride. Thus, pick one that provides exactly that. 

And if you plan to ride beyond summer, it is also wise to get a waterproof jacket. Make sure it is lightweight and breathable too.

5. Shoes

You also need to wear proper footgear starting with a pair of bike shoes. Now, this can be tricky as your choice depends on the type of rider you are. 

If you are a casual rider and you simply wish to join a bike tour, your regular tennis shoes should be fine at least for the first two hours. If you want something more stable, go for a touring shoe that clips into the pedals.

Make sure to bring a pair of lighter shoes or sandals if you have plans of walking after the tour.

6. Jeans

Though you will not wear a pair of jeans during the ride, it is wise to bring one in your bag. You may decide to have dinner in a restaurant before heading home. With a pair of jeans ready, you will not be out of place when it comes to the dress code. 

But make sure your pants match the rest of your other clothes in your bag.

7. Sunglasses

Another part of the body that you need to protect during the ride is your eyes. Even professional cyclists do not go out without carrying a pair of sunglasses. This will keep your eyes safe against UV rays and other outdoor elements.

Moreover, it will protect you against glare in case you decide to ride during the afternoon.

8. Arm Warmers

Sometimes, when the weather is too cold, a jersey may not be enough to give you the warmth you need. Hence, invest in a pair of arm warmers for those early morning bike rides.

Some of these warmers even come with reflectors. These reflectors are beneficial in case you love riding late in the afternoon until night time. 

9. Socks

Carry along with you two pairs of riding socks. You may want to get a long one and another pair, which is an anklet-type. Also, bring two more pairs that are thicker, which you can switch to in case things get colder.

Wear the thinner ones if you plan to do a stop-over somewhere in the evening. The key to keeping your socks in optimal shape is to keep them dry and clean always. 

10. Biking Gloves

Protect your hands by wearing a pair of biking gloves. During summer, go for gloves with short-cut fingers. Also, you want to make sure you buy a pair with moisture-absorbing features. 

This is important especially during times when you need to dab sweat from your face or rub an itchy nose.

During colder weather, you want something that is breathable with wicking capabilities. Also, make sure to go for a full-finger pair to keep your fingers warm.

11. Rain Pants

Pack a pair of rain pants. These pants are lifesavers in case the skies decide to rain on your parade, pun intended. These pants are easy to pack and will not take that much space in your travel bag.

12. Hydration Pack

Last but not least, never forget to bring your hydration pack. You can miss out on an item from your biking outfits but you cannot leave without your water bottle. Even if you are only riding leisurely, the heat can still leave you sweating.

Hence, sipping water is essential during the ride. Not only will water refresh you, but it will also keep dehydration at bay.

Let’s Tour Colorado Today

By carrying these essentials, you can enjoy your biking tour more comfortably with fewer worries.

However, packing the right stuff is only half the battle. You need to find the right people who can guide you on the best bike tour possible.

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