Desert MTB Riding Pleasures

OK, so sometimes during Mud Season we do duck out to the desert. Because it’s so warm, dry and insanely fun. Anyone who bikes owes it to themselves to go to Moab, Utah, Eagle, Fruita or Grand Junction, Colorado at least once in their lifetime. It’s a different world and different vibe you will enjoy. My gang seeks out the craziest/best MTB trails but there are lots of gorgeous road rides as well. Including some that are stages of the USA Pro Challenge race. Enjoy!


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Herschel Goldberg
Herschel is the founder and senior guide for Boulder Bike Tours. He brings an infectious love of biking and a gift for sharing road, trail, city and farm tours with riders of all levels. Whether around his home of Boulder, Colorado, or on tours around the world, Herschel looks forward to joining you and friends for great riding.