Custom and Corporate Bike Tours


We are more than happy to host private group tours and private corporate tours!
The mountain trail, the open road, or the bike-to-farm tour are the perfect places to build teamwork.

Joining in a paceline, drafting on the flats, finding the right line up over the rocks, or biking to an organic farm are all fun ways to bring people together. Do something different with your company staff – give them a day full of excitement, exercise, and confidence-building. They will never be the same back at the office!

For groups from 10 to 50, Boulder Bike Tours is perfect for your next corporate outing – we will help you every step of the way and make your next adventure the best ever. There are three choices for your corporate tour:

  • Boulder road tour
  • Mountain biking tour near Boulder
  • Bike-to-farm tour to an organic farm (includes food!)

We accommodate every level of rider and ensure a strong team-building experience. We’ve hosted groups from Oracle, Hewlett Packard, Harris Williams, National Bank of Canada, Zayo and everyone has had a blast!

We have support vans and bail-out points, plus short and long loops so everyone feels great about their achievements. We’ll supply bikes, helmets, trail snacks/food, safety training and all the other essentials for a great ride.

Booking is easy with BBT: First, organize your group and e-mail us your desired plans, then give a quick call to confirm pricing and other details.

Lastly, tell your team to get ready for an unforgettable getaway!


Your Guide

Founder Herschel Goldberg has lived in Boulder since 1969 and worked and volunteered with the Boulder Mountainbike Alliance (BMA) to assist the area land management agencies. BMA helps build, maintain and provide friendly support to trail users of all types.  Herschel has been a member of the Boulder Mountain Bike Patrol for 15 years and is a Founding Board Member of the Colorado High School Cycling League.

Boulder Bike Tours is partnering with international biking outfitters expanding tour offerings that provide riders the opportunity to explore cycling around the world.  We visit places that are up and coming on the international biking scene boasting great riding with fewer visitors.  Whether you are looking for a custom day trip in the Front Range or a week-long biking adventure in Cuba BBT has the knowledge and experience to provide you with an exciting and memorable tour!

Certifications & experience include Wilderness First Aid, Wilderness First Responder, National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS), CPR and Mountain Bike Patrol in addition to leading trekking/touring expeditions domestically & internationally.

Get In Touch

If you have questions and can’t find your answer in our FAQ’s Database just hit the button below and fill in the form to ask your question and we’ll try to get back to you As soon As Possible.