Cuba Culture Bike Tours


Cuba Culture Bike Tours

Every day brings you further in to the Cuban countryside to enjoy a pace and friendliness that is distinct to the island.

                       A life-long dream of Boulder Bike Tours’ founder has come to fruition!                                 Experience Cuba’s culture unfiltered.

Herschel has traveled extensively in “El Oriente” the less-touristed eastern end of Cuba over the past few years to develop a truly unique tour of many places and sights rarely seen by international travelers.

Every mile on this route will bring you further in to the Cuban countryside and away from the constant distractions of an average modern day. We’ll also visit Santiago de Cuba the second largest but more vibrant and human scale city as we share meals with families, enjoy diverse cultural excursions and truly experience a pace and friendliness that is distinctly Cuba.

There will be plenty of sunny, beautiful coastlines and beaches on our route in “El Oriente” the less-touristed eastern end of the island. But it is also where in 1492 Columbus set foot in the New World and the birthplace of both Fidel and La Revolución, the struggle to free the common Cuban from the oppressive Batista regime.

Cuba CultureBikeTours are for you… if you:

  • Have a regular level of healthy exercise and fitness
  • Enjoy moderately-paced bike rides of about 25 miles/day on good roads w/planned stops
  • Want to engage the real people, culture and history of a country
  • Appreciate local customs, activities and food
  • Prefer down-to-earth lodging in comfortable private homes to large resort hotels
  • Are a traveller who likes to go places the typical tourist wouldn’t find

Tour Details:

    • 8 days/7 nights
    • Begin/End at Fort Lauderdale (FLL) International Airport
    • Each tour includes:
      • Roundtrip airfare to Cuba from FLL and customs/immigration assistance
      • Lodging, meals (except alcohol) and group transportation as required
      • Bike rentals w/helmets
      • Arranged recreational & cultural activities such as: Organic farms, Salsa dance instruction and clubs, guided cave tour, Arts & History outings and more…
      • American guides who speak both English & Spanish
      • Expert Cuban staff who are eager to show you their homeland
      • Price: $2,495 USD /person
        • 40% deposit to reserve desired date
          • If a Cuba Tour is canceled by BBT for any reason you will be issued a FULL refund
      • Detailed itinerary available upon request.
    • Our tours are compliant with the current Nov 9, 2017 OFAC travel rules for US citizens.

2018 Dates*

  • Jan 20 – Jan 27
  • Feb 17 – Feb 24
  • Mar 17 – Mar 24
  • Mar 24 – Mar 31
  • Apr 14 – Apr 21
  • May 19 – May 26

* Custom dates are also available. Please email us your inquiry.

CALL 303.747.6191 NOW with questions or TO BOOK A CUBA TOUR

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