A life-long dream of Boulder Bike Tours’ founder has come to fruition!  Experience Cuba’s culture unfiltered.

“It is by riding a bicycle that you learn the meaning of a country best”   ernest hemingway

Herschel has traveled extensively in “El Oriente” the less-touristed Eastern end of Cuba over the past few years to develop a truly unique tour of places and sights rarely seen by international travelers

Every mile on this Cuba Bike Tour route will bring you further into the Cuban culture and countryside and away from the constant distractions of an average modern day. We’ll also visit Santiago de Cuba the second largest but more vibrant and human scale city as we share meals with families, enjoy diverse cultural excursions and truly experience a pace and friendliness that is distinctly Cuban.  It is legal under the current US/OFAC Travel Rules to visit Cuba and despite recent unsupported statements Cuba is without question the safest country we have ever visited.

There will be tropical landscapes, coastlines with sunny beaches as well as towns and cities on our route through the less-touristed Eastern end of the island (“El Oriente”). This is authentic Cuba, rich in culture and history.  It’s where Columbus set foot in the New World and discovered tobacco grown by the Taino Indians. Where Salsa music and dance was created and where the Castros were born. It’s where the fight for independance from Spain began and where Fidel and Che’s “La Revolucion” to oust the Batista regime started and was won.

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